Monday, December 30, 2013

My First Love - Cars

Starting young
Starting young!

Posing with a nice rear
Posing with a beautiful rear!

Proud Collection
So the OCD isn't a recent development!

Drawing on the floor
Look at the concentration and old school printer paper!

Work on display at exhibition at Northumbria University
Some of my work on display at Northumbria University.

Final Major Project
My Final Major Project exhibited at New Designers.

I have a confession to make, I'm in love with cars. I love cars like women love shoes! I wish I had a romantic story to tell about the first time I laid eyes on a Ferrari and fell in love, but the truth is I've loved cars for so long that I can't remember the first time this realisation struck me! I was born into a family of car and motorsport fanatics. My dad and uncle had a series of various performance cars over the years and I was even named after triple Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda.

So it comes as no surprise that this passion was passed onto me as a young child. Every birthday and Christmas, all my toys would be either model cars or some form of vehicle, and if my parents or grandparents wanted to keep me occupied, all they had to do was give me pen and paper and I'd be happily drawing cars for hours! This eventually led to me graduating from an automotive design course at university.

As I have got older it is Formula 1 that totally consumed my life! I watch all the practice sessions when nothing actually happens and I even wake up at ridiculous o'clock to catch the races live when they're in the far east. None of my friends and family understand my love for it! They just think I'm crazy when I can watch the replay at a normal 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon! Nor do they understand why I have to, or even want to fix my own car! "Take it to the garage" they say, but they don't understand the beauty of getting down and dirty with the nuts and bolts of your car, that sense of achievement of having fixed something! It's going to sound really sad, but my feelings for my car are somewhat similar to the feelings a dog owner has to their pooch! It's a two way thing, I look after the car, and the car gives me joy when I drive it!

I can't really explain why I love cars, I never get bored of looking at them. It doesn't even have to be an exciting car, I could be following a Ford Focus in traffic and I'd be staring at it and boring everyone in the car with facts and figures about it! I can even tell the make and model of a car at night from the shape of the rear lights, this party trick is usually followed by questions such as "What was your score on the autism test again?". To many people a car is just an appliance or tool. I mean, can you imagine your friend started telling you the specs of a washing machine?! To many people a car is on the same level as a washing machine or computer, a tool that does a job. But for me, its something to study, understand and admire. I think I may have a problem...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Check that Tartan

Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check

Jacket/Shirt/Jeans | Topman, Footwear | Puma, Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

I'm still trying to find a couple of good and reliable locations for my photos, and I think I may just have found one good spot in Yorkshire. Its a nice and quiet walk flanked by cottages and as you see above, a nice white painted wall as a bonus!

If you read my last post then you may remember me mentioning a check lumberjack coat I've had for 3 years, well here it is! I actually bought it in the Topman January sales, back when sales didn't run all year round! Its served me well, and it definitely did its job of keeping me warm on this sunny but chilly afternoon in North Yorkshire!

I was a bit apprehensive about wearing the coat with this tartan shirt, but in the end it all worked out giving a nice clash-on-clash contrast with the black sleeves and jeans. The footwear were my trusty Puma TX-3 trainers (today I learnt they were first introduced in 1987) which gives the outfit a much needed urban flavour in contrast to the lumberjack jacket.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

River Island Navy Duffle Jacket

River Island Duffle Jacket River Island Duffle Jacket River Island Duffle Jacket River Island Duffle Jacket

The cold weather has arrived and I thought I'd equip myself with a new winter jacket, the last winter jacket I bought was a Burberry-esque lumberjack coat nearly 3 years ago! I don't usually shop in River Island but I actually saw this duffle coat on ASOS. Initially I was looking for something a bit more casual like a Parka, but this navy duffle was just too nice to overlook.

The shape of the coat is quite boxy, combine that with the classic duffle look and neutral colour it'll probably stand the test of time well (it'll hopefully serve as my winter coat for another 3 years!). The length of the jacket is a bit longer than I would like but this shouldn't be an issue for most people. There are some nice details, such as the rustic heavy duty toggles, which are in contrast to the subtle quilted stitching found inside the hood. All in all, it strikes a nice balance between casual and formal. As you can see it can be worn quite casually with a simple knitted jumper and jeans for that rustic heritage look, or it can easily be worn with trousers and a smart shirt for a more formal occasion.

Jacket | River Island, Jumper & Hat | Primark, Jeans | Topman, Footwear | Puma

Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to style thick hair : Bumble and bumble Sumo Wax

How to style thick hair Hair wax for thick Asian hair Bumble and bumble. Sumo Wax review for thick hair UK male fashion lifestyle blogger

Have you ever questioned "how do I style my thick hair?". I've always had a problem finding hair products that are strong enough to style my heavy Asian hair. I've been through countless brands and spent plenty of money on hair styling products that promise to have a strong hold, yet none have been able to give a strong and consistent hold throughout the day.

Then a friend of mine strongly recommended Bumble and bumble and I'd also heard about about the brand through blogs but never actually tried any of their products myself. The product from the range that appealed to me the most of the Sumo Wax. I'd always been a bit put off by hair waxes as they tend to leave a greasy residue on your hair, but I decided to take a gamble on the Sumo Wax as it was the toughest styling product on the Bumble and bumble shelf. At £21 it was bit pricey but I was assured it would be worth it!

The Bumble and bumble branding is very cool, edgy and quirky without being cheesy or tacky, each product range has its own personality which helps a lot to distinguish the different roles of the products. The jar of the Sumo Wax itself is rather small (only 50ml), but thats because you don't need a massive amount for it to do its job. The wax is very stiff and rigid, which is a good sign for thick and hard to style hair. It actually states on the packaging that you may need to heat the wax up with a hairdryer before you use it. You simply apply it like any sculpting product and it gives a really nice textured effect. In the picture above, I used a salt spray during drying before the wax, but I've never experienced a product that gave me the same amount of texture and curl.

My hair is very hard and straight and as you can see, the Sumo Wax gave it great texture and definition whilst maintaining that natural effortless "surf hair" feel. I just finished with a light coat of hairspray and the hold was indeed very long lasting yet touchable. Although the product is very stiff when its in the jar, it feels no heavier than any other product I've had in my hair and it washes out with no problems (which is not always the case with cheaper hair wax). After trying the Sumo Wax, I'm definitely going to explore more of the products in the Bumble and bumble range. If the performance of the Sumo Wax is anything to go by, I can only expect good things from the rest.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ben Sherman Umbrella Shirt

Ben Sherman Unbrella Twill shirt, black skinny jeans, Puma TX-3 trainers, Ray Ban Wayfarers Ben Sherman Unbrella Twill shirt, black skinny jeans, Puma TX-3 trainers, Ray Ban Wayfarers Ben Sherman Unbrella Twill shirt, black skinny jeans, Puma TX-3 trainers, Ray Ban Wayfarers Ben Sherman Unbrella Twill shirt, black skinny jeans, Puma TX-3 trainers, Ray Ban Wayfarers Ben Sherman Unbrella Twill shirt, black skinny jeans, Puma TX-3 trainers, Ray Ban Wayfarers

When it comes to a shirt for the coming British autumn and winter months, none are as fitting as this Ben Sherman Umbrella Print Twill shirt. It features an umbrella print that symbolises the British winter perfectly. It also fits perfectly, being from the Plectrum line of Ben Sherman clothing, combining classic styles and colours with contemporary fits and details. The attention to detail is what distinguishes it from shirts found on the high street. Details such as the arrow placket, fabric buttons and rounded front really make you feel you're wearing something different. The hidden print of a man holding one of the umbrellas was a nice little surprise I found long after I bought the shirt, along with the metal plectrum on the side seam.

The shirt can be worn casually, as I have done here with black skinny jeans and a pair of punchy Puma TX-3 trainers along with my trusty Wayfarers, or with a nice floral tie or bow tie for a more quirky and smarter look for a formal suit and tie event. I've always been more of a high street shopper, but since I bought my first Ben Sherman shirt a few years ago, I've been converted, their shirts are high in style and quality, plus it feels awesome to be supporting a British label.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Jaguar F-TYPE presents Desire

Video source - Jaguar Cars Youtube channel

To promote the launch of its new F-TYPE sports car, Jaguar has enlisted the help of Ridley Scott Associates to produce this 14-minute short film called Desire.

With the F-TYPE cast as the leading star, the supporting roles go to Homeland star Damian Lewis and Shannyn Sossamon and an exclusive track penned by Lana Del Rey (although the F-TYPE itself provides a rather delicious soundtrack from its throaty exhaust note). The dramatic short film is beautifully shot with the car featuring in almost every scene without it feeling like its being shoved in our faces in some product placement deal (think Skyfall). It lurks out of focus in the background in some shots but is ever present, a nice metaphor for the British understated beauty of a Jaguar.

Anyway, enough rambling. Turn up the volume, hit the full screen button and look out for a scene in which the impressive specs of the car are equally impressively written into the tense script.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Men's SS13 Trend - Camouflage

N.E. Boy - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. Mens SS13 Trend - Camouflage

N.E. Boy - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. Mens SS13 Trend - Camouflage
6. ASOS | 7. Stance | 8. Komono | 9. Mi-Pac | 10. Friis Company

One of the hottest trends in mens fashion this Summer is the camouflage print. If the bright 90's driven neon and tie-dye comeback isn't your thing then the camouflage print will be the perfect "anti-bright" trend. Camouflage as a fashion trend has always been around and for decades it has been worn in the inner-cities and urban environment, but for Spring Summer '13 the catwalk has embraced the return of the enduring camo/military theme. Designers such as Dries van Noten, Comme des Garçons and Valentino have all showed a contemporary and fitted interpretation of the traditionally loose-fitting and baggy military attire.

I had to show immense self control and discipline when putting this post together as I literally wanted to buy all ten items above! The highlights for me are the HUF 1984 Woodland Camo Sneakers and the lightweight jacket from Danish brand Revolution. Even the bumbag by Friis Company looks awesome in camo print, if only bumbags were cool again! Having said that, the 90's are making a comeback so I say bring on the fanny packs.

I have been on the lookout for the perfect camouflage jacket for a while now and the camouflage trend couldn't have come at a better time for me as I was beginning to lose patience and about to give up! I have always loved how a piece of clothing that started life in a purely functional and important role has been adopted by youth and pop culture as urban streetwear. For me, that is the beauty of fashion, that there are no boundaries, and there are no rules. What one person might dislike may go on to be the hottest trend of the season.