Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Check that Tartan

Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check Tartan & Check

Jacket/Shirt/Jeans | Topman, Footwear | Puma, Sunglasses | Ray-Ban

I'm still trying to find a couple of good and reliable locations for my photos, and I think I may just have found one good spot in Yorkshire. Its a nice and quiet walk flanked by cottages and as you see above, a nice white painted wall as a bonus!

If you read my last post then you may remember me mentioning a check lumberjack coat I've had for 3 years, well here it is! I actually bought it in the Topman January sales, back when sales didn't run all year round! Its served me well, and it definitely did its job of keeping me warm on this sunny but chilly afternoon in North Yorkshire!

I was a bit apprehensive about wearing the coat with this tartan shirt, but in the end it all worked out giving a nice clash-on-clash contrast with the black sleeves and jeans. The footwear were my trusty Puma TX-3 trainers (today I learnt they were first introduced in 1987) which gives the outfit a much needed urban flavour in contrast to the lumberjack jacket.


  1. you look great! :)
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  2. I love how you've clashed these prints, the effect is really awesome :) Your lumberjack jacket is lovely too! x

  3. Love the coat! Even better that you've had it stored away for three years.
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    Chloe x
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  4. I really like clashing prints and they work so well in this outfit!

    Jennie |