Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to style thick hair : Bumble and bumble Sumo Wax

How to style thick hair Hair wax for thick Asian hair Bumble and bumble. Sumo Wax review for thick hair UK male fashion lifestyle blogger

Have you ever questioned "how do I style my thick hair?". I've always had a problem finding hair products that are strong enough to style my heavy Asian hair. I've been through countless brands and spent plenty of money on hair styling products that promise to have a strong hold, yet none have been able to give a strong and consistent hold throughout the day.

Then a friend of mine strongly recommended Bumble and bumble and I'd also heard about about the brand through blogs but never actually tried any of their products myself. The product from the range that appealed to me the most of the Sumo Wax. I'd always been a bit put off by hair waxes as they tend to leave a greasy residue on your hair, but I decided to take a gamble on the Sumo Wax as it was the toughest styling product on the Bumble and bumble shelf. At £21 it was bit pricey but I was assured it would be worth it!

The Bumble and bumble branding is very cool, edgy and quirky without being cheesy or tacky, each product range has its own personality which helps a lot to distinguish the different roles of the products. The jar of the Sumo Wax itself is rather small (only 50ml), but thats because you don't need a massive amount for it to do its job. The wax is very stiff and rigid, which is a good sign for thick and hard to style hair. It actually states on the packaging that you may need to heat the wax up with a hairdryer before you use it. You simply apply it like any sculpting product and it gives a really nice textured effect. In the picture above, I used a salt spray during drying before the wax, but I've never experienced a product that gave me the same amount of texture and curl.

My hair is very hard and straight and as you can see, the Sumo Wax gave it great texture and definition whilst maintaining that natural effortless "surf hair" feel. I just finished with a light coat of hairspray and the hold was indeed very long lasting yet touchable. Although the product is very stiff when its in the jar, it feels no heavier than any other product I've had in my hair and it washes out with no problems (which is not always the case with cheaper hair wax). After trying the Sumo Wax, I'm definitely going to explore more of the products in the Bumble and bumble range. If the performance of the Sumo Wax is anything to go by, I can only expect good things from the rest.

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